About us

Who We Are

D4design Studios GmbH is a growing design company in Zürich (Switzerland), serving unique people like yourself and businesses across the world. Sure, we like money. Send us as much as you want. But our most important goal is, to have fun in our lives, to be happy, to be passionate about what we do for work and grow – together with our clients. Passion isn’t something you can buy with money… nor can you force it! Its just there. Understand: Design is like a therapy for us. A weird cult, a religion. We would even do it if no one would see it, and we’re not finished unless a piece is perfect! We treat each other as equals, we apply this to our customers too. If your boss reads this and doesn’t get it, then do what we did and start a business in your apartment financed by credit cards. It may not be wise, but it’s a lot more fun than wearing a suit!


Swiss Made     Google Enterprise Partner     Solution Provider

What We Do

  • Web Design (HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Ajax, JS)
  • Web Development (MySQL, Applications)
  • Hosting / Domain Registration
  • Corporate Identity (Logo Design)
  • Newsletters / E-Vites
  • Online Marketing (SEO, AdWords, Social Media)
  • Mobile Apps (iPhone, iPad, Android)
  • Photography & HD Video Production
  • Business Concepts / Consulting
  • Premium Support (Live Desktop Assistance)

Our Mission

We believe that quality is the one article of trade which cannot be compromised and this is clearly seen in our work, giving our clients the satisfaction they deserve. We provide a personal level customer service and high impact solutions that will bring our clients in contact with their customers, dynamic and 100% interactive. We have an unconventional approach and we’re not afraid to break the rules to achieve something fresh and unique. We pride ourselves on creating varied work and have already built up an extensive list of clients and successful projects. Beyond stunning design, amazing technology, and great uptime records, we realize that we must judge our success on how well we have supported our clients. It’s really what matters the most in business today.